Lolmaster883 and Zega's mini tuts

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Lolmaster883 and Zega's mini tuts

Post  lolmaster88(3) on Sat May 03, 2008 7:17 am

WELCOME to me and zega's awesome mini tuts.

I've just started this so theres not much here. But there soon will be.

This is also the first time I've tried to make a tut, so sorry if somethings bad or shit.

And yes inspired by fraz and nev.

Credits to fraz and nev for the idea and whoever made all the stks (most by me)


Pivot Effects Tutorial:

Effects make your pivot animations look alot better and appeal to the audience, esp without sound fx.

Melee Combat Effects

Now take this simple animation I made:


Pretty boring eh? But adding the following effects can juice it up a little Laughing :

The Negative Effect:

When the two stickmen come in contact, simply switch the colours to their opposite form, for example: White background is now black, black stickmen are now white and black floor is now white. Do this for only ONE frame!

The Tremor Effect:

The tremor effect is one of my favourites. When the arm comes in contact, drag your background 6-10 pixels higher from where it was, depending on how strong you want your attack to look. Do the same thing on the next frame but lower the ground. Then have it back to it's original position. (It's more accurate going back and editing the frames rather than doing it as you go along)

The Exploding Effect:

This effect is used rarely as it's annoying to use. Basically all you do is add an explosion when the two people come in contact. Once again I do not recommend this effect unless it's something special like "Mr Exploding Fingers" or "The Fire Punch". Red usually looks the best. However the result is quite awesome

Ill continue if its worth it


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Lolmaster883 and Zega000:

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Re: Lolmaster883 and Zega's mini tuts

Post  TP on Sat May 03, 2008 11:04 pm

pretty good, but make sure when the tremor happens the people move up and down too.

i just realized this, so please take note that TP doesnt stand for toilet paper....
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