Contacting Mods and Admins

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Contacting Mods and Admins

Post  Elblem on Sun Apr 20, 2008 8:09 pm

What you want to do if you find errors/rule breaking/mega spammers can be determined here.

Errors - Post a topic here, explaining the error

Rule breaking - Contact a mod unless none are on and an admin are availible. If neither, posting a topic here is ok.

Mega spammers - Contact an Admin IMMEDIATLY. An online mod would notice and try to settle things or hold them off, but the admin will ban/do the rest. Preferably, I suggesting contacting me first, the KT, then ef.

If anything else unrelated not stated there should be posted in this forum section in a new topic. So post topics here ONLY for
-Unrelated or unstated above problems
-Rule breaking (EXCEPTIONS ONLY)

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