Admins can animate too

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Admins can animate too

Post  Elblem on Sat Apr 19, 2008 2:25 pm

Im posting all of my anims here, but only top three atm are this section worthy.

Hurrah for random shit and gif rape.

Not finished, gunna take a bit to work on blood... but ye, 100% gunna finish.

My BEST yet i think? Ignore the shakyness of arm, idk what happend EDIT: made me interz! =D

as rusty as i think i was, this is one of my faves =D

Begginer Animations

Its shit....

VVV thing below. just no df
sword test

umm. a double frame test.
double framed

had to keep it on origin for best results
weird run

Preview of my upcomeing ani, also tryin to get inters with this. what should i improve?(i will make more exciting, just getting darkbert pissed now =D) (soon to be joint with JOE aka the pivots aka pointychicken, any other names you got?
darkbert thing

just a test. i made it a gif cuz it looked shaky as a .piv
turning kick test

laser by frozenfire. (removed piv)
flip n' laster

sum trails. i didnt like the head tho... and its the default so its crappy.
default trail running

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Re: Admins can animate too

Post  TP on Sat Apr 19, 2008 3:41 pm

newest: gif rape... anyways, great physics, good stuff with no onionskin, made me laugh. low/med interz to me. only problem was when he fell, he was the same color as the background. work on small stuff like that. ur anis turn me on.
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Re: Admins can animate too

Post  magnetz on Sun Apr 20, 2008 10:28 pm

Great job, dude. The animation that got you interz was the best IMO, out of the 3. I see youre a fan of heavy spacing, so just maybe ease a tiny bit more. good job.


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Re: Admins can animate too

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